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These high-intensity low-speed extruder gearboxes were originally made by Lufkin Industries that came into existence in 1902. The company headquarter is located in Missouri City, Texas. In 1970 the owners decided to classify the operations performed by the company to achieve ultimate success in every category. Hence, it started working for three different industry sectors: automotive, Machinery, and Trailer supplies. Earlier to this division, the company was called The Lufkin Foundry and Machine Company. 


During the last decade, Lufkin Industries has joined hands with Baker Hughes and General Electrics. Since then, the company has been manufacturing unique hydraulic pumping units that help extract oil and gas from the depths of the hard surfaces. Lufkin Gearboxes have also been used in the aircraft and tankers supplied to the US military during World War I and II. That is why it has the honor of becoming a Navy Award-winning extruder.

Wide Application Of Lufkin Gearboxes

These gearboxes are very popular because of their wide-scale application in many divisions of the Industry. They can be tailored and easily molded to attain any desired operation. Irrespective of their size, they can perform under harsh circumstances and bear heavy loads without putting in the extra effort. Lufkin Gearboxes are widely used in:


  • Oil And Gas Industry in digging out the hard surfaces to reach the oil and gas reservoirs hundreds of miles beneath the earth's surface.
  • Cement Industry during intensive mixing and grinding of chemicals to achieve desirable output. Lufkin Gearboxes are an integral part of every kiln drive, pulverizer, and grinder used in the cement industry.
  • Plastic Industry during the process of melting, mixing, and pelletizing the inputs. For this purpose, high-power Lufkin Gearboxes are installed along with parallel shafts. 
  • Power Generation Industry to achieve its desired outcome by installing Lufkin Gearboxes into their turbines, mills, pumps, and engines.

How To Repair A Collapsed Lufkin Gearbox?

It is common for extruder gearboxes to collapse unexpectedly during their operation because they go through a lot. But the Industry cannot afford to stop its manufacturing process and wait for months until the malfunctioned equipment returns to its condition as supplied by the OEM. It is indispensable for the company to produce enough output to meet the demand. What will you do in that case?


We propose you never consider buying a new Lufkin Gearbox because we are here to provide the best repairing and rebuilding services with the help of our Timken-certified engineers. Our technicians will carefully examine your damaged equipment and offer you a reasonable quote to get your extruder repaired and delivered to your doorstep without bearing any additional cost.


If the gearbox is not in a condition to be repaired, we can also remanufacture it under the guidelines set by ISO. Our experts have worked with thousands of industrial equipment used in various sectors, so no one can help you better than us. Contact us now to get your Lufkin Gearbox repaired at a negligible cost and save yourself from facing an industrial setback.