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Gloucester Gearbox Repair

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    Gloucester Gearbox Repair

    Gloucester Engineering Co. has been manufacturing gearing units for the plastic and film industry since 1961. Technology and innovation have been the key factors in the company's outstanding growth for 60 years. However, today all the products manufactured by the company are sold under the name of Davis-Standard, LLC, which has recently acquired the Gloucester line.


    Since their collaboration, the company has been flourishing and inventing the latest versions of gearing extruders utilized in the various stages of manufacturing a plastic-made product.


    Davis Standard has been serving various branches of the industry, including automotive, medical, construction, and packaging. Now the customers can get the best industrial products manufactured with excellence under the supervision of the world leaders, Davis-Standard and Gloucester.

    Gloucester Gearbox Repair

    Repairing And Rebuilding A Gloucester Gearbox

    Although all the gearing units manufactured by the Davis-Standard can work for long hours under harsh conditions, there are still some unavoidable factors that damage a Gloucester Gearbox. This may include a broken piece of equipment, incorrect installation, wrongful use, or damaged gear sets and shafts.


    Are you facing any of the problems mentioned above? Don't worry! We are offering the best rebuilding and repairing services for all kinds of industrial gearboxes. We will not only fix your broken Gloucester Gearbox but also run a performance test after repairing it. This six-hour trial will be performed at our specialized testing station, where a team of industrial gearing experts will carefully inspect the operational performance of the repaired extruder.


    The basic purpose of this test is to achieve quality assurance by eliminating any error recurrence. Our technicians will take all the necessary measures if they notice any overheating, leaking, unnecessary sound, or vibration during that period. Only after that will the extruder receive approval from our team.

    Gloucester Gearbox Repair
    Gloucester Gearbox Repair

    Complete Understanding of The Extensive Product Range

    We have built a team of the best mechanical engineers who are all certified with Timken and have worked in all kinds of industrial environments. We are well aware of the process of manufacturing blown film; thus, no one can understand the mechanics of a Gloucester extruder better than we do.


    The company is thriving to introduce new products every coming day in order to meet the demand for flex packaging. Their product range includes high-end extruders used in the process of liquid coating, extrusion coating, and pelletizing. In addition, they are widely used in manufacturing blown film and cast film for packaging purposes.


    Free Delivery And Emergency Services

    Extruder Gearbox Repair also offers quick repair services to meet the demand of the gearing industry. We have the ability to repair a broken gearing unit within 24 hours with the help of our Timken-certified experts, who work day and night to provide premium quality services to our clients.


    Your convenience is our priority. Therefore, we will provide a pick and drop facility to save your time. Other than that, you will get a repair warranty for a period of 24 months.