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Brevini Gearbox Repair

Brevini Gearbox Repair

F.lli Brevini Company was founded by three Brevini brothers, Renato, Luciano, and Corrado, in 1960. It all started with the manufacturing of basic industrial equipment to be used by the local industry. However, the company's motto changed completely in 1963 when Renato Brevini invented the first-ever planetary gearbox made in Italy. In the following years, the company collaborated with Dana Industrial and PIV Drive to expand its operations throughout Europe and other regions of the world.


The products designed by Brevini Motion Systems include slewing drives, industrial planetary gearboxes, compact Plano-helical posiplan, gear motors, helical, and bevel helical gearboxes. Brevini Motion Systems has been providing innovative solutions for the mechanical transmission of electronic products for more than 40 years.

Repairing Services For Brevini Gearbox

Extruder Gearbox Repair has developed the latest techniques for repairing a faulty Brevini Gearbox. These gearboxes are recognized worldwide for their compact size and high performance. However, more than the advised use of industrial extruders can result in their unexpected breakdown. In that case, it is essential to detect the issue before the condition worsens.


We believe that timely repair can save you from buying a new Brevini Extruder that can upset your budget and require a lot of effort. Our Timken-certified engineers have worked with all kinds of gearboxes made under the name of Brevini, Dana, or PIV Drive. We have established a team of the best mechanical engineers who have hands-on experience working with leading gearing brands.


Just like all other industrial gearboxes that arrive at our workshop, a faulty Brevini gearbox is also repaired under expert supervision. Firstly, our engineers will inspect your malfunctioned extruder to create a product health report. After that, we will offer you a free quote that will constitute all the expenses incurred on repairing or rebuilding your broken equipment.


As soon as you accept our proposal, we will move straight towards the gearbox to disassemble it by removing every nut and bolt. The next step includes washing the gear sets and shafts to remove all the grease, grime, and grit that might be affecting the functioning of your extruder. Your Brevini gearbox will be re-assembled after cleaning it thoroughly in our advanced washing component.

Brevini Gearbox Repair

Replacement Of Broken Parts

During this process, we might have to replace a broken piece of equipment. Do not be worried! It will not cost much. We assure you that the repair cost of your extruder will be far lesser than buying brand new equipment from the OEM. We have blueprints of all the latest gearing units manufactured by Brevini Motion Systems.

We are stocked with all the accessories needed for remanufacturing a planetary, helical, bevel, or rotatory gearbox originally assembled by the DANA Group. All these high-end units have wide applications in mining, metal processing, materials handling, recycling, and the pulp and paper industry.


Stop thinking anymore! Please pick up your phone and call us to get expert advice and avail the fastest repairing and rebuilding services in the town.