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Extruder Gearbox Repair prides itself on quality products, competitive pricing, and timely delivery. We are an industrial equipment remanufacturing facility that repairs all kinds of Extruder Gearboxes, including obsolete or legacy units for which the OEMs no longer want to provide support. 


As a company with a rich history of 40 years, we specialize in high-quality repair and remanufacturing processes, allowing our customers to save 60 percent of their buying cost simply by repairing or remanufacturing the previous ones. 


Our Extruder Repair Facility is equipped with the latest technology and highly skilled technicians who have the experience and knowledge to get your extruder back up to run like new again. 


With over four decades of experience and an archive of blueprints of various versions of extruder gearboxes from larger and smaller ones, we can create your gearbox from scratch with hardness ratings exactly like those of the OEMs.

Our Services

GearBox Repair

Extruder Gearbox Repair is a complete industrial remanufacturing center for all extrusion gearboxes

GearBox Rebuild

Extruder Gearbox is a complete industrial remanufacturing center for all extrusion gearboxes Rebuild

Gear Manufacturing

We also operate a fully functional Gear Manufacturing Division where we can hob and grind to our hearts content.

Extruder Gearbox Specialists

With over four decades of industrial experience, technicians are highly trained, and Timken Bearing certified, so they can repair your gearbox completely or remanufacture it like new. 

Our expert technicians can manufacture up to 48 inches diameter gearboxes and match Brinell and Rockwell hardness ratings precisely to OEM specifications.

As a team, we have extensive experience working with and maintaining extruder gearboxes in many industries. Nobody knows extruder gearboxes better than us. 

Before joining the company, our technicians were trained on the same lines utilizing the same equipment. So, they are very familiar with the entire remanufacturing process regarding extruder gearboxes. With our emergency rush repair service, our certified technicians can have your extruder gearbox ready within 24 to 48 hours of receiving it.

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