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Zambello Gearbox Repair

Zambello Gearbox Repair

The Zambello Family was created in 1957 by none other than Zevio Zambello. It has been thriving to produce the latest and finest extruder gearboxes for more than 65 years now. The company has proved its worth by improving the standards of its products with every passing day. A Zambello Gearbox is manufactured with great precision and can be installed easily into any high-intensity engine or generator. 


The company is known for its in-depth research and technological advancement in the industrial zone of Italy. Zambello has achieved historical success in recent years as it started its operations by supplying extruder gearboxes to the local industry. It is now recognized as a household name in the international gearing market. Although the company is headquartered in Italy, it has branches in many other countries, including the USA, China, South Africa, Korea, Brazil, India, Taiwan, and Canada.

A Complete Range Of High-end Extruders

All the products manufactured by Zambello Group are capable of working under harsh circumstances because of the finest quality gear sets and shafts used in their production. Their latest gearboxes have been installed in many single-screw extruders, co-rotating twin-screw extruders, and twin-screw extruders. Other than that, they have the ability to manufacture customized gearboxes to meet the demand of a specific industry. But still, these gearboxes play an important role during the process of molding and injecting plastic.

Zambello Gearbox Repair

Does Your Zambello Gearbox Need Repair?

If you are looking for a repairing solution for your broken Zambello Gearbox, then you are at the right place. We are experts in fixing and rebuilding malfunctioned industrial gearboxes that the OEM sometimes rejects. We are known as dignified repairing agents because we never compromise on the quality of services provided by our experts. Apart from repairing your extruder gearbox, we can also remanufacture them by removing all the worn-out gear sets and shafts and installing superior quality spare parts that our Timken-certified engineers will do with great precision. 


We have also worked with conical and parallel Zambello gearboxes that are worldwide famous for fulfilling heavy-duty jobs. In addition, we have thoroughly studied all the specifications of the ZT series, ZPE series, NRB series, and TST-H series introduced by the Zambello Group to meet high torque transmission and speed reduction requirements.


A Complete Solution For All Your Problems

Large-scale industries do not have much time to repair their broken equipment by the OEM because it can take up to 6 weeks. Therefore, we have designed emergency repair services for our clients that involve picking up a faulty Zambello gearbox from your location and installing it back after providing all the necessary treatment. We have made a record of fixing a damaged gearbox within 24 hours.


Our clients say that all the industrial products we repair work more effectively than ever before. The reason is the premium quality services provided by our experts. We will work diligently on your extruder by carefully disassembling every nut and bolt and reinstalling them after painting finely.