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Kissling Gearbox Repair

Wide Application In The Industry

Kissling Gearbox Repair

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    Kissling Gearbox Repair

    Kisling gearboxes are widely used in cable-driven transportation because of their high load-bearing and lifting capacity. From Ski resorts to amusement parks, these extruders have unbelievable durability and endurance. They also have applications in the sugar and cement industry because of their high torque output. Double-helical planetary and single planetary gearboxes manufactured by Kissling are most in-demand nowadays. All the gearing products manufactured by the company are sold in Germany, France, and England.


    A Glimpse Of Kissling’s Glorious History

    The company started its operations in 1925 by working on the application of grounded tooth wheels and hardened tooth wheels. Until 1959, it was only producing gearing units for Squaw Valley Olympics but expanded its operational capacity by leading the foundations of a software company called KISSsoft AG in 1997. Since then, Kissling has spread its branches into various fields of the industry, including cement, sugar, plastic, food and the aviation industry.

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    Hire Us To Get Your Kissling Gearbox Repaired

    You cannot find anyone better than us if you are searching for repairing services for your broken Kissling gearbox. Our Timken certified engineers are capable of handling every difficult task by utilizing the experience they have gained by serving the industry for over 40 years.


    Just give us a call, and we will arrive at your doorstep to help you out in the hardest times. No one will like to shut down their ongoing operations because of a gearbox failure. This can result in a decrease in output production and will consequently affect the company’s reputation. So the best possible solution is to get your Kissling gearbox repaired by Extruder Gearbox Repair. We also have the unique ability to customize our services according to your requirements.

    Versatile Product Range

    The products manufactured by the company can be classified into many categories, depending upon their application. However, the company has the capacity to provide customized gearboxes to suit the demand of a specific industry.

    Extruder Gearboxes 

    These gearboxes are specially designed for the plastic and food industry to meet the extrusion demands with the help of tandem bearings. They can be either single shaft or twin shaft. However, Single shaft extruders work best in kneading machines.

    Ropeway Gear Units

    The company has revolutionized the cable-driven transportation system by introducing ropeway gear units that are widely used in shuttle services provided by airports, amusement parks, public transport, Ski resorts, and Olympic sports.

    More Gearing Products

    Other than that, the company also manufactures superior quality planetary gearboxes, coaxial helical gear units, worm gears, and gearboxes used for special purposes.

    Repairing And Rebuilding Process

    We assure you that all our technicians strictly follow the rules and regulations of ISO, AGMA, and DIN. As soon as we receive your malfunctioned equipment, we will start analyzing its condition and take all the necessary measures to eliminate every fault. 


    Our repairing process includes:


    1. Removing all the spare parts.
    2. Washing them thoroughly.
    3. Painting the inside and outside of the gear sets and shafts.
    4. Making arrangements for replacing damaged parts of the equipment.

    We have been repairing all kinds of gearing sets manufactured by Kissling for a long period. Therefore, we already know how to configure a Kissling gearbox. Call us now to avail emergency repair services, including a free pick and drop facility.