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Western Gearbox Repair

Western Gearbox Repair

Western Gear Drive, a brand of Timken Power Systems, has a remarkable history of working for more than 100 years in aerospace and off-shore operations. The brand is known internationally for its precision and advancement in introducing state-of-the-art technological solutions for the power generation industry. The company has manufacturing units in Houston, California, Texas, and Belmont. It has also introduced many brands like Speedmaster, Pumpmaster, Seamaster, and Millmaster that are considered high legacy brands in terms of extrusion. 


Since its acquisition by Philadelphia Gear in 1996, the company has expanded its applications and geographical reach by inventing the latest gear drives like 7000 series Torquemaster reducers and 9000 series Torquemaster right-angled reducers. All the Western Gearboxes are heavy-duty extruders that help the manufacturing process by handling the speed limits. 

Fastest And The Most Affordable Western Gearbox Repairing

Extruder Gearbox Repair manufactures and repairs all kinds of shafts and gear sets used in a Western Gear Drive. Many other companies may offer similar services, but they will differ in terms of the quality of the material used in manufacturing such spare parts. All the critical parts made by our engineers comply with the guidelines of ISO and match the standards set by OEM. Buying from an unreliable source can do more harm in case your extruder is not repaired efficiently, or any low-quality shaft is installed in it. 


Therefore, we always provide high-quality services that last longer than expected. The best thing about us is that our technicians are certified by Timken Power System, which means that no one can understand a Western Gearbox better than us. We are totally aware of all the advancements in the technology field and have improvised our repairing and remanufacturing units to meet the highest standards. 


We offer various services, including picking up a collapsed Western Gearbox from your factory to analyzing its health condition. Our experts will compose a detailed report of all the necessary adjustments that your extruder requires and decide on future operations that may include balancing rotatory elements, line boring, ultrasonic testing, welding, or temperature testing by using infrared lasers.

Western Gearbox Repair

Save Your Precious Time And Money

You can either buy a new Western Gearbox by paying a large amount of money or get an old one repaired at a fraction of the actual cost. A smart industrialist always thinks of the best possible ways to minimize the cost and get rapid ROI. Similarly, we suggest you not waste your money on purchasing an extruder when you can get your drive repaired and can also improve its working capability by choosing us as your service providers. 


Stop searching for a reliable repairing agent and hire us now to boost your production process and meet the demand of the ever-growing industry. We understand that you cannot afford to shut down the whole manufacturing process because of a gearbox failure. Avail of our rush repair and rebuilding services that come with a pick and drop facility.