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Amarillo Gearbox Repair

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    Amarillo Gearbox Repair

    Wesley Johnson led the foundation of Amarillo Welding and Machine Works in 1917 in Texas. At that time, it only produced vertical turbine pumps and steel fabrications. However, the company struggled hard to make its mark in the competitive world of the gearing market. It achieved affiliations from American Gear Manufacturers Association and National Ground Water Association in a very short time, showcasing its extensive knowledge in the industry. It will not be incorrect to say that Amarillo Gear Company has become an expert in gear blanking, gear drives, gear finishing, heat treating, pump drives and tooth generation.


    The Marmon company became its holding company by acquiring most of its assets in 1964. The company became the Amarillo Gear Company when it started manufacturing right-angled gearboxes and installing them in the wet cooling towers. After that, they also produced a wide range of parallel shaft gearboxes for the purpose of installation in industrial condensers. Their award-winning achievements include the invention of the Quantum Series Gearboxes and Double Reduction Global Gearboxes.

    Industrial Applications Of Amarillo Gearboxes

    They have vast applications in many fields of the industry because of their high load-bearing capacity and unrivaled endurance. The extruder gearboxes manufactured by the company are classified into Spiral Bevel and Helical. Because of these unique characteristics, these gearboxes are widely used in the following ways:


    • Yaw drives
    • Azimuth drives
    • Bow thrusters 
    • Marine transmission systems
    • Off-highway transmissions
    • Cone crushers 
    •  Roller mills
    •  Z drives

    Fastest Repairing And Rebuilding Services

    Extruder Gearbox Repair understands the urgency when it comes to gear-related issues. That's why we offer rush repair services for Amarillo gearboxes, including fan drives. We welcome all the broken extruders to our site and provide special treatment to each of them. In the case of an Amarillo gearbox, a lot of precision and competence are required to bring it back to its original form. This process may include removing some of its parts and installing new gear sets and shafts to enhance its durability. 


    Do not be worried! You will not have to purchase a new gearbox from the OEM as we are fully equipped with all the critical spare parts needed to repair or rebuild a Spiral Bevel or Helical geared extruder. We offer free quotes, ensuring that you get a clear understanding of the gear repair process and associated costs. Our rush repair services are designed to minimize lead times and get your gearbox back in operation quickly.


    Our Timken-certified engineers, with 40 years of experience, know how to reverse engineer and repair high-end industrial gearboxes made up of AISI 8620 and AISI 4320H alloy steel. Their smallest pitch has a diameter of 100 mm and goes higher up to 800 mm.


    After taking it to our site and analyzing its working condition, we will share our thoughts on your malfunctioned extruder. Sometimes a problem is resolved within 24 hours, and sometimes, it can take up to eight weeks to rebuild an Amarillo gearbox that matches the specifications of the one manufactured by OEM. However, we can customize our services according to the demand of our respected clients. Other than that, our technicians strictly follow the guidelines provided by ISO, so we can never compromise on the quality of services.


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