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Piv Drive Gearbox Repair

Extruder Gearbox Repair offers unmatchable repairing and rebuilding services for all PIV Drive Gearboxes and shafts.

Piv Drive Gearbox Repair

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    Extruder Gearbox Repair offers unmatchable repairing and rebuilding services for all PIV Drive Gearboxes and shafts. With an experience of more than four decades in the automotive industry, we have become experts in fixing extruder gearboxes in a time less than expected. Afraid of waiting for months to get your extruder gearbox repaired? Get the most out of our Emergency Repair Service to save your precious time and money.

    Piv Drive Gearbox Repair

    What Are PIV Drive Gearboxes?

    PIV is the abbreviation for ‘Positive Infinitely Variable,’ this term refers to industrial equipment that transmits power and energy with the help of a slatted chain made up of steel. Although G.J.Abbott first invented the device in 1924, it is now widely used in the automobile industry during paper production and manufacturing of pump drives.


    In the last few years, DANA has emerged as the world-class manufacturer of PIV Drive Gearboxes that are most in demand for achieving a non-slip high power energy transmission. They serve in more than 34 countries, including the UK, USA, Brazil, Germany, etc. DANA has also been declared one of America’s 100 Most Reliable Companies that deal in passenger vehicles, stationary and industrial equipment.

    Piv Drive Gearbox Repair

    How Do We Work?

    Our Timken-certified technicians carefully examine every piece of equipment that arrives at our warehouse. We will check out all the features of a PIV Drive Gearbox made by OEM and compare it with yours in order to assess the intensity of the damage. We assure you that the repairing expenses of your equipment will be far less than buying a new one.


    We aim to provide the best repairing services through a complete disassembly of your PIV Drive by our experts. All of its parts will be washed and painted from inside and outside to avoid rusting and devaluation. We have already stocked our warehouses with all the components used in its manufacturing. Therefore, we can install any new part if required. Our technicians have 40 years of experience working with external oil coolers, engine consoles, parallel shafts, and right-angled gearboxes.


    After carrying on all the necessary operations, your repaired equipment will undergo a series of tests before getting approval from our experts. We will keep it in working condition for up to 6 hours to check for any misbehavior or recurrence of any fault. In case of any overheating, leaking, or unnecessary sound and vibration, your drive will be completely restored by us in compliance with ISO Standards.

    Why Choose Us?

    PIV Drive Gearboxes are high-energy transmission equipment, and their repair can take up to months. Don’t have that much time? Feel free to contact us @ 813-669-2540 to avail our fast repair services. We can also customize our services according to the client’s demands. After inspecting your PIV Gearbox, we will give you a quote that will not upset your budget.

    We also offer a warranty for up to two years after repairing your extruder gearbox, which means that you can demand a free repair service if the problem recurs within 24 months.

    Our Piv Drive Gearbox Emergency Services

    At Extruder Gearbox Repair, we understand the critical role that Piv Drive gearboxes play in a wide variety of industrial applications. With their high output torque, positive infinitely variable drive, and high efficiency, these gearboxes are essential for power transmission in numerous industries.

    When an unexpected gearbox failure occurs, our emergency services are here to ensure minimal downtime and maximum productivity. Our team of highly skilled technicians specializes in handling emergency repairs Piv gearboxes, including output shafts and a wide variety of gear units.

    Upon arrival at our state-of-the-art facility, your damaged gearbox undergoes a thorough assessment. Our experienced technicians meticulously clean and inspect the gearbox, including its output shafts, helical gears, and other important features. We utilize advanced measuring techniques to determine the condition of gears and shafts, evaluating their suitability for repair or replacement.

    If repair is possible, our skilled engineers employ cutting-edge techniques to restore your Piv Drive gearbox to its optimal performance. We are well-equipped to handle various gear types, including helical gears, which are known for their high torques and efficiency. Our expertise extends to gear units with variable speed settings, ensuring precise and reliable power transmission in a variety of applications.

    In cases where the damage is irreparable, we utilize our manufacturing capabilities to produce high-quality replacement gears and shafts. Using advanced machining technologies and a variety of materials, we ensure that the newly manufactured components meet or exceed the original specifications, enabling seamless integration into your Piv gearbox.

    To guarantee the reliability of our repairs and rebuilds, we subject each repaired gearbox to rigorous testing. Our six-hour test run evaluates the gearbox for potential issues such as overheating, vibration, and leakage. This meticulous testing process ensures that the repaired or replaced components perform flawlessly, maintaining the high output torque and efficiency required for industrial applications.

    We understand the importance of minimizing costs without compromising on quality. By choosing our emergency services for Piv gearbox repairs, you save significantly compared to investing in a new gearbox and benefit from our expertise in handling gear units with variable drives and speed settings.

    Trust us to swiftly and reliably handle your emergency gearbox repairs. Our commitment to excellence and dedication to providing high-quality services make us the ideal partner for maintaining the efficiency and performance of your Piv Drive gearboxes. Contact us today to benefit from our extensive experience and expertise in power transmission for a wide range of industrial applications.