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General Electric Power was founded as General Energy in 2008 as a part of the world’s largest power generation company General Electric. The company served in different sectors, including aviation, locomotive, digital industry, power, capital, and finance. However, General Electric decided to make divisions into four major sectors in 2021. Since then, GE Power has been spending days and nights producing specialized GE Gearboxes that are extensively used in Generators, Nuclear reactors, Boilers, Engines, Heat Recovery Steam Generators, and Tribunes.


GE Gearboxes contribute greatly to the power industry because they are installed in wind turbines to generate wind energy. Therefore, it is very important to check their working capability and urgently meet the repairing demands of the equipment. These high-capacity gearboxes are extensively used in GE General Electric Haliade-X 13 MW, GE General Electric GE 3.2s, and General Electric GE 3.2s to reduce the speed of wind turbines.

Get Your GE Gearbox Repaired By Experts

Are you looking for an urgent repair service for your GE Gearbox? 


Extruder Gearbox Repair has got you covered. We have a team of Timken-certified engineers and technicians with years of experience working with wind turbines, power generators, and engines. Any malfunction in your extruder gearbox can be efficiently resolved to enhance its load-bearing capacity. Industrial wind turbines are mostly packed with spur and planetary gearboxes that are originally transmitted by Renk/Eickhoff.


Call us, and we will arrive at your doorstep to provide expert repair and rebuilding services. Our professionals can also do a quick on-location survey to inspect if something is wrong with the installation of the equipment. After removing the broken extruder from your site, it will be taken to our warehouse, where it will get the best treatment so far.


Even the OEM recommends our rebuilding services because we have proven our worth by working efficiently in the power generation industry for more than four decades. Your GE gearbox will be inspected and get all the required treatment to return it to its working condition. All the parts will be removed to examine their mechanics carefully, and any worn-out piece of equipment will be immediately replaced by the latest one as specified by the OEM.


After that, all the nuts and bolts will be polished, and the inside and outside of the extruder will be finely painted and dried. All the parts will be reassembled, and now the product has to undergo a unique trial period. Yes! We can never compromise on the quality of our services. Therefore, we consider checking the equipment thoroughly before sending it back to your site.

Avail The Fastest Rebuilding Services In Town

We feel extremely proud to say that our mechanical engineers have the capability to fix a malfunctioned GE Gearbox in a short period and at an affordable cost. You do not have to shut down your manufacturing process because your gearbox has collapsed. Just hire us to keep your engines working because the manufacturing industry is the backbone of the economy. 


Call @ (859) 517-5310 to get urgent repair and rebuilding services by Timken-certified experts.