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 Bausano: Custom Plastic Extrusion Machines Mastery

Bausano: Custom Plastic Extrusion Machines Mastery

Plastic extrusion is a pivotal process that transforms raw plastic materials into an assortment of products such as pipes, profiles, pellets, and vital medical devices. This method encompasses the stages of melting, blending, and subsequently shaping the plastic through a specialized die or nozzle. This technique is integral because it facilitates the creation of a wide range of plastic items that are essential in our daily lives. Meet Bausano, the industry leader in custom plastic extrusion machines with over 75 years of excellence.

Bausano’s Historic Contribution to Plastic Extrusion

Historical Depth: Established in 1946 in Italy, Bausano boasts an impressive legacy of over 75 years, positioning itself as an industry leader in the realm of plastic extrusion.

Worldwide Presence: Demonstrating its global prowess, Bausano has successfully expanded its operations across more than 50 countries, leveraging its extensive network of subsidiaries and distributors, thereby solidifying its stature as a globally recognized entity.

Bausano’s Diverse Range of Plastic Extrusion Machines

Single Screw Extruders

Specifically designed for the efficient processing of thermoplastics like PE, PP, PS, and PVC, these machines employ a singular rotating screw within a heated barrel. This mechanism facilitates the melting and molding of the material, ensuring precision and consistency in the final product.

Twin Screw Extruders

Engineered to handle thermoplastics with pronounced viscosity traits, such as PA, PC, PET, and TPE. These extruders are equipped with two synchronized, intermeshing screws, ensuring enhanced mixing and blending. Their design is particularly advantageous for processing complex compounds like wood-plastic composites and glass-fiber reinforced plastics.


These advanced machines are adept at producing multi-layered or co-extruded products. Their functionality facilitates the creation of cutting-edge items, such as barrier films and laminated sheets, broadening the spectrum of plastic manufacturing.

Laboratory Extruders

Designed with research and development in mind, these machines provide a platform to assess and test innovative materials, formulations, and processing techniques, ensuring their viability before scaling up to full-scale industrial production.

Recycling Extruders

Embodying a sustainable vision, these machines are adept at converting plastic waste into reusable resources. Capable of processing diverse categories of plastic waste, they play a pivotal role in promoting greener practices within the plastic manufacturing industry.

Cutting-Edge Technology – SBX Master™

This patented technology revolutionizes the efficiency of twin screw extruders.

Key Features:

  • A modular design that allows for customized configurations to fit specific needs.
  • Counter-rotation functionality that delivers increased torque while maintaining energy-efficient operations.
  • Advanced multi-drive systems grant precise speed control for optimal processing.
  • Induction heating to guarantee uniform barrel temperature, ensuring consistent plastic processing.
  • An intelligent control mechanism that continually monitors and adjusts, ensuring top-tier product quality and maximized output.

The Snack Master™ Concept

Delve into a holistic approach to snack production with the Snack Master™ Concept. Crafted to meet the nuances of the industry, this solution integrates cutting-edge components and tools:

  1. Core of the Operation: The robust SBX Master™ twin-screw extruder acts as the foundation, streamlining the transformation of raw ingredients into delightful snacks.
  2. Versatile Co-Extrusion Machinery: Designed to produce a spectrum of filled snacks, catering to diverse palate preferences.
  3. Innovative Dies and Cutters: Create a range of premium snack assortments with specialized cutting tools, emphasizing uniqueness in every bite.
  4. Texturizing Excellence: With specialized tools, emulate the texture and richness of high-protein meat alternatives, capturing authenticity in vegetarian and vegan offerings.
  5. Flavor and Finish Enhancements: Equip your line with diverse machinery dedicated to introducing a plethora of flavors, textures, and delectable finishes, ensuring each snack stands out.
  6. Auxiliary Precision Equipment: Seamless production is guaranteed with supplementary devices, fine-tuning each step of the snack-making process.
  7. Experience snack production redefined, optimizing every aspect from raw material to the finished product.

Bausano’s Commitment to Excellence Beyond Products

  1. Consultation Expertise: Offering seasoned advice and comprehensive evaluations for both budding ventures and ongoing operations.
  2. Bespoke Engineering: Crafting tailor-made solutions, meticulously aligned with distinct customer requirements.
  3. Meticulous Installation: Prioritizing efficiency and safety, every piece of machinery is adeptly positioned and calibrated for optimal performance.
  4. Hands-on Training: Equipping our clientele with an in-depth understanding and best practices for machinery operation and the nuances of plastic extrusion techniques.
  5. Unwavering Maintenance Support: Committing to smooth, ceaseless production by providing preventive maintenance, timely part replacements, and essential machine upgrades.
  6. Pioneering Innovation: A relentless pursuit of advancement via continuous R&D, aiming to enhance our product range and pioneer breakthrough applications in the realm of plastic extrusion.


Bausano, boasting over 75 years of expertise, has consistently pioneered advancements in the plastic extrusion sector. Offering a comprehensive range of machinery, from single screw extruders to state-of-the-art recycling systems, Bausano has truly redefined the boundaries of plastic manufacturing.

Additionally, Extruder Gearbox Repair ensures customers have a one-stop solution for all repair and remanufacturing needs for various types of gearboxes, further reinforcing their commitment to efficiency, sustainability, and unwavering growth.